YouTuber slams Harry and Meghan for “misinformation” against her in Netflix series



YouTuber slams Harry and Meghan for “misinformation” against her in Netflix series

Published: 2023-07-05T16:01:28  ❘   Updated: 2023-07-05T16:01:40YouTube: Shallon Lester

Popular YouTuber Shallon Lester, known for her dating and celebrity culture content, revealed her shock when she found out she is in Harry and Meghan’s Netflix docuseries.

Harry and Meghan’s famous Netflix docuseries grabbed a lot of attention when it was released in December 2022. The series revolved around the couple and their controversial exit from the British royal family.

Shallon Lester, a YouTuber, was involved in the fifth episode of the series. However, Shallon was unaware of her involvement until her friends told her she was in it, and has shared her feelings on the situation.

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YouTuber lashes out at ‘Harry & Meghan’ Netflix series

In the series, the YouTuber was said to be involved in an online hate campaign against the Sussexes. She shared, “At first I thought they were hallucinating because why on earth would I be in it.”

The influencer clarified that she or her team weren’t called to comment. Lester added, “My first text was to my mother. My second was to my lawyer.”

Lester believed the episode implies she was partaking in a coordinated online attack against Meghan Markle. But the influencer denies the reported accusations completely.

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Shallon addresses accusations against her

Lester made a video addressing her supporters, and sharing her intention to pursue legal action against Meghan and Harry.

“It’s defamation, it’s slander, it’s a mischaracterization. And you know what else it is? Misinformation,” Shallon said in the video. Her frustration stems from the failure of providing any evidence to confirm these claims about her.

She added that we live in a digital world and they should be able to have proof that she allegedly influenced millions of people to hate the couple.


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She added that she has been getting threats from the fans of the Sussexes ever since the documentary was released. Not only that, but Lester also claimed she had a drop in brand outreach following the ordeal.

Shallon says the couple deems themselves as experts on “misinformation” but according to her, they are the primary instigators of it. She rebukes their “chosen narrative” of victimhood and suggests it is probably their choices that make them unlikeable.

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Lester said that she wants an apology and for the individuals liable for the series to be held responsible.

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