YouTuber Melonie Mac faces backlash for homophobic Tweets



YouTuber Melonie Mac faces backlash for homophobic Tweets

Published: 2023-06-20T05:02:21  ❘   Updated: 2023-06-20T12:17:10Instagram: meloniemac

Content creator and YouTube star Melonie Mac has knowingly stirred the pot, posting homophobic slurs on Twitter while seemingly encouraging the backlash.

With over 330,000 subscribers on her gaming account and a further 145,000 on a broader second channel, YouTuber Melonie Mac is a self-described social commentator known for posting gaming, anime, and tech-related content.

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A devout Christian, Melonie hasn’t shied away from making homophobic comments in the past. She previously compared being gay to playing in traffic, stating “it goes against nature”.

Now, the YouTuber is once again angering fans online, this time by posting homophobic slurs to her Twitter account.

Melonie’s Twitter saga began on June 19 after she retweeted a post about streamer xQc’s rise to fame. Posted by the account ‘YourFellowArab’, the original Tweet mentions xQc calling someone a homophobic slur when the streamer first started out.

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“Remember that next time you think getting canceled is real,” Arab said, referencing xQc’s historic $100 million deal with Kick from earlier this week.

Melonie shared the tweet, captioning it with a repetition of xQc’s previously used slur.

She then followed up with another tweet saying “I’m going to bed, if I get banned tomorrow just follow me on [Instagram]. [You only live once]. Goodnight f***.”


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Seemingly unbothered by the backlash, the YouTuber has since been called out for her homophobic posts.

Nel, The Internet’s dad, who goes by the Twitter handle ‘Nelstar15’, shared that he would be removing any mutuals who followed the controversial YouTuber.

Other Twitter users were equally critical with the Tweets, with one posting, “Can’t remember the last time I saw someone go this hard off the deep end.” Another shared, “She blocked me for politely pointing out where the Bible doesn’t endorse being a loudmouth j*** to [people].”

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Discussing the LGBTQ+ community on a live stream, Melonie has previously stated “It’s a contagion. It is spreading, and its indoctrinating children,”

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