Wordle players encounter new challenge as mobile ads from DoorDash appear



Wordle players encounter new challenge as mobile ads from DoorDash appear

Published: 2023-07-07T02:15:42  ❘   Updated: 2023-07-07T02:15:55The New York Times

Wordle, the addictive word game The New York Times acquired in 2022, just got a sprinkle of capitalism with its first-ever mobile ads, courtesy of DoorDash.

This move is part of the Times’ strategy to monetize the viral sensation, especially for players who aren’t subscribed to Games.

From July 5, mobile web players who select ‘Play’ on Wordle will be greeted with video ads for DoorDash before the game begins.

This marks the first instance of ad deployment on Wordle’s mobile platform, expanding on the Times’ earlier move to start running ads on the desktop version.

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Wordle users will now face a new challenge as full-screen DoorDash ads start to appear on mobile

The partnership also brings a fun twist for Wordle and DoorDash enthusiasts: the Wordle of the day can be used as a discount code for DoorDash’s subscription product, DashPass, valid until August 16.

Despite fears that commercialization would tarnish Wordle’s charm, player stats suggest otherwise. According to an Axios report, Wordle usage peaked last year but has remained strong, even after its acquisition by the Times.

In fact, the report also states that around 35% of users who subscribe to the Times’ gaming service do so because of Wordle, despite it being a free game.

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Today I’m getting a pop up ad by u/triblogcarol in wordle

It’s also noteworthy that DoorDash isn’t the only one capitalizing on Wordle’s popularity. Smart ring manufacturer Oura has also signed on, meaning that more ads are ready to be served to mobile web players.

Unsurprisingly, not all Wordle fans are pleased with the recent changes. Reddit users have voiced their displeasure over the full-screen pop-up ads, particularly those who access Wordle via the website on Android.

“I could accept the small ads at the bottom of the Wordle puzzle, but this full-screen interstitial ad is too much. Boooo!” said one disgruntled player.


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