Warzone streamer Nadia hits back at critics after joining Fanhouse: “Stay mad”



Warzone streamer Nadia hits back at critics after joining Fanhouse: “Stay mad”

Published: 2023-06-30T11:42:29  ❘   Updated: 2023-06-30T11:42:42Instagram: nadiakamine

Warzone streamer Nadia Amine, who went viral after a litany of unproven cheating allegations throughout 2022, has fired back at critics annoyed at her for taking a different route and creating more private content on OnlyFans competitor Fanhouse.

With the rise of creator-led adult content through services such as OnlyFans, many creators have been able to make money they once could only have imagined.

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For example, influencer Corinna Kopf reportedly makes $2m a month from her OF, while in July 2022, Amouranth claimed she had already made around $33m on the platform.

On June 27, Nadia announced that she had “finally made one” in a post on Twitter, with a link in her bio to her Fanhouse page.

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Two days later, on June 29, Nadia had received a lot of criticism about her new avenue of content, and addressed the hate she had been getting.

“Stay mad,” she said, reeling off quotes that she’s been hit with from critics since joining Fanhouse, such as “of course she went this route” or “go back to COD.”


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Nadia isn’t the first streamer to take this route and she certainly won’t be the last, especially considering the incredible amounts of money that can be made.

From her experience with the constant cheating allegations, Nadia is no stranger to intense scrutiny. She frequently had her fun dropping hints that she could be cheating in Warzone, to rile up the conspiracy theorists, though she rarely plays the Call of Duty battle royale anymore, instead usually being found in the Just Chatting section of Twitch.

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