Warzone 2 players call out devs for “lying” about Resurgence squad sizes


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Warzone 2 players call out devs for “lying” about Resurgence squad sizes

Published: 2023-02-20T12:26:43  ❘   Updated: 2023-02-20T12:26:53Activision

Season 2 Reloaded improved the match pacing on Ashika Island.

Warzone 2 players are calling out the devs on their promise of “all squad sizes at launch” of the Resurgence in Season 2 that went unfulfilled.

Season 2 of Warzone 2 went live on February 15 and it brought a variety of new content and changes to the acclaimed battle royale title.

One of the most promising features was the return of Resurgence mode on a completely new map called Ashika Island.

However, not everything went according to the original plan, as Call of Duty content creator ModernWarzone pointed out, the game mode was supposed to launch with all squad size options, while it currently only supports 4-player squads.

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This puts smaller groups of players and people who want to explore Ashika Island solo in a tough spot of playing with a handicap or grouping up with random teammates.

Warzone 2 players hope for more squad options for Resurgence

ModernWarzone pointed this out in his February 20 tweet where he simply wrote “All Squad sizes at Launch” in quotes with a frowning emoji, attaching a screenshot of an official Call of Duty tweet containing the same quote from February 8.

One player quickly chimed in, claiming that the devs “just be lying now” and that it “doesn’t even matter” what they say.

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Other players agreed in the replies that the mode would benefit from introducing the other squad size options that the original Warzone had.

“I need solos man I’m out here taking on teams of 4 by myself because I don’t got friends who play the game,” stated one user before being bombarded with friend requests in the replies to his tweet.

“I’m hoping for this [the] week when they add the next phase of the event,” shares another player who has hope for some solo Ashika Island gameplay yet.


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It’s unclear whether time restrictions did not allow the devs to put the different squad sizes into the game, or if the idea got eventually scrapped. Hopefully, the developers gauge whether that’s a feature that should find its way into the game based on feedback given by the community.

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