Valorant pros pay tribute to Twisten with Shorty showdown in match



Valorant pros pay tribute to Twisten with Shorty showdown in match

Published: 2023-07-04T19:59:16  ❘   Updated: 2023-07-04T20:12:56Hara Amorós / Riot Games / LVP / lag

Valorant pros competing in the EMEA Ascension tournament paid tribute to deceased player Karel ‘Twisten’ Ašenbrener during a group stage match.

Team Vitality announced the death of Twisten on June 7, and his passing has touched the entire Valorant community. In the wake of his death, many community members have posted tributes and one broadcast analyst started a charity drive in his name.

The charity drive was based on a campaign Twisten set up for VCT LOCK//IN in which he donated a set amount of money for every Shorty (a shotgun sidearm) kill at the tournament. The drive was held for VCT Masters Tokyo and saw community members pledge a flat amount of cash for every Shorty kill at the international tournament.

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That campaign has raised over $6,000 for Rise Above the Disorder, which is an organization working in mental health care accessibility.

Riot Games immortalized Twisten in Valorant in a recent update that added his name as a Player Title on the Battle Pass.

EMEA Ascension Shorty battle held in Twisten’s honor

The Shorty has since become a shorthand for Twisten as Valorant pros use the sidearm in official matches as a tribute to the fallen player. At the EMEA Ascension tournament, Apeks and Team Falcons used the sidearm in the first round of the first map of their series in a series of one-on-one battles in the Attacker’s spawn.

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The round in question begins at the 35:40 mark.

The broadcast was also in on the tribute as a message appeared onscreen along with a picture of Twisten.

“In loving memory of Twisten,” the graphic read.

The two teams then took turns fighting each other with the weapon with Apeks eventually winning the round. Apeks would go on to take the series 2-0 to earn the top seed in the promotion tournament.

While Apeks may have ultimately won, both teams walked away with the respect of the Valorant community.


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