Trisha Paytas responds to Colleen Ballinger sharing and mocking private photos



Trisha Paytas responds to Colleen Ballinger sharing and mocking private photos

Published: 2023-07-04T01:23:25  ❘   Updated: 2023-07-04T01:23:37YouTube: blndsundoll4mj

The backlash against Colleen Ballinger is continuing to mount after a series of grooming allegations surfaced followed by a bizarre ukulele apology. Now, Trisha Paytas is speaking up on her part in the Ballinger story.

Colleen Ballinger, best known for her ‘Miranda Sings’ character, has been hit hard with backlash following multiple former fans coming forward with inappropriate stories surrounding the content creator.

From bullying to grooming to sharing unsolicited nudes, Ballinger has been accused of quite a bit. Her response? A musical number that many feel doesn’t deserve the title of an apology and mocks those affected by Ballinger’s actions.

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Now, fellow YouTuber and media personality Trisha Paytas is speaking up on the controversy.

Paytas makes her stance clear in the video posted to YouTube. She is unimpressed by Ballinger’s dismissal of her former fans and disgusted to find out that her private photos have been publicly shared and mocked.

“It’s very serious and it’s a topic I don’t take lightly and I can’t take lightly,” Paytas said, explaining that she has taken a step back from internet drama but feels the current issue goes beyond that.

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Paytas admitted she feels embarrassed to have found out Ballinger was sharing her explicit photos with underage fans, all the while acting as Paytas’ friend.

“I do not condone at all unsolicited nudes [being sent]. Sex worker or not, I think using someone’s nudes as a way to hurt them, make fun of them, make light of them [or] be mean is the lowest form of intelligence,” Paytas said. “I think that’s so inhumane. I think that’s so disgusting.”


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Instagram: trishapaytasbackup

Ballinger and Paytas were previously believed to be friends and even did a podcast together

Paytas claimed that there were multiple occasions in which Ballinger used her private photos for a joke. Paytas also added that when she asked Ballinger about the controversy, Ballinger denied everything and assured her that she had not shared any photos.

When Paytas ultimately saw evidence of Ballinger’s actions, she said her “heart was racing” and felt sick to her stomach. She said, “That’s probably the worst I’ve seen from someone that I’ve considered a friend. That’s pretty barbaric, that’s pretty misogynistic, and it is downright cruel.”

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Prior to Ballinger’s backlash, Paytas had teamed up with the YouTuber to make a podcast together — a series not expected to return anytime soon.

“She does not exist to me anymore,” Paytas concluded, praised by fans for her mature, well-thought, and genuine response.

As the story continues to update, we’ll be sure to keep you posted. For all the latest entertainment news, be sure to check out our page here.

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