Title for upcoming Pokemon Horizons episode hints at new addition to Roy’s team


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Title for upcoming Pokemon Horizons episode hints at new addition to Roy’s team

Published: 2023-07-06T19:46:21  ❘   Updated: 2023-07-06T19:46:34YouTube: The Official Pokemon Channel

A description for an upcoming Pokemon Horizons episode highlights an impending encounter between Roy and the bird Pokemon Wattrel.

Longtime Pokemon anime protagonist Ash Ketchum was well-known for assembling powerful Pokemon teams in his quest to become a master.

However, new protagonists Liko and Roy have not followed in his footsteps… at least, not yet.

The description for an upcoming episode teases an encounter between Roy and a new Pokemon, and speculation has already formed about whether or not this Pokemon will become a new member of his team.

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Will Roy add a new member to his team in Pokemon Horizons?

The fourteenth episode of the Pokemon Horizons: The Series is set to air later this month, and the title of that episode is entitled “Fly, Wattrel.”

The description for the episode indicates that one of the protagonists, Roy, and his Fuecoco will encounter a wild Wattrel. Wattrel is a Generation IX Pokemon that made its debut in Paldea region, and it’s an Electric/Flying type create that evolves into Kilowattrel.

The description for the episode is as follows: “Roy and Fuecoco go to see a peculiar Wattrel that isn’t with its flock, but…”

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Given that Roy and Fuecoco are set to encounter a new Pokemon in Pokemon Horizons, speculation has begun to form on social media that Roy could be in line to add a new member to his team.

On Reddit, several Pokemon fans expressed excitement towards the development. One stated, “Please Roy. Wattrell has such a cool battle style. It flies and shoots electricity.”

Another expressed hope that Liko will soon catch a Pokemon, as neither Roy nor Liko have any other Pokemon in their parties other than their starters.


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This marks yet another curious development in the Horizons series. A few weeks ago, controversial Paldea gym leader Iono was teased in a commercial for the series.

The next episode of Pokemon Horizons is set to air in Japan on July 14. “Fly, Wattrel” is set to air a week later, on the 21st.

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