Team Vitality sign OG CSGO star flameZ



Team Vitality sign OG CSGO star flameZ

Published: 2023-06-22T15:10:13  ❘   Updated: 2023-06-22T15:10:23Helena Kristiansson/ ESL

Team Vitality has announced the signing of Israeli rifler and OG CS:GO standout Shahar ‘flameZ’ Shushan.

Vitality is rebuilding its roster during the player break ahead of the switch from CS:GO to Counter-Strike 2. The French esports organization has announced that it has signed OG star flameZ to its team, replacing veteran Peter ‘dupreeh’ Rasmussen.

flameZ joins fellow Israeli player Lotan ‘Spinx’ Giladi on the roster of the BLAST Paris Major champions. The team also won IEM Rio this year and placed second at the BLAST Premier Spring Final – dupreeh’s final event.

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Those tournament runs helped propel the squad to become the highest-ranked team on HLTV‘s and ESL’s rankings.

Vitality pick up a young fragger in flameZ

With this move, flameZ ends a two-year association with OG, who signed the Israeli from Endpoint in April 2021. The team bombed out of the Paris Major in 20th-22nd place and ended the season with a last-place finish at IEM Dallas.

Despite OG’s struggles, flameZ held his own and put up decent statistics while with the team. He averaged a 1.10 HLTV rating and 1.13 Impact while with OG, who are rebuilding their roster around Maciej ‘F1KU⁠’ Miklas, Nemanja ‘⁠nexa⁠’ Isaković, and Iulian ‘regali⁠’ Harjău.

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“Super excited and proud to join the hive today!” flameZ wrote on Twitter. “I’m ready to put in the work for this new step in my career. I truly believe we can achieve great things together, let’s get started!”

Team Vitality’s roster moving forward is as follows:

Lotan ‘Spinx’ GiladiDan ‘apEX’ MadesclaireMathieu ‘ZywOo’ HerbautEmil ‘Magisk’ ReifShahar ‘flameZ’ ShushanPeter ‘dupreeh’ Rasmussen (inactive)Danny ‘zonic’ Sørensen (coach)

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