Starfield players plan to live out their crushed dreams from Star Citizen



Starfield players plan to live out their crushed dreams from Star Citizen

Published: 2023-06-30T11:00:20  ❘   Updated: 2023-06-30T11:00:33Bethesda/Microsoft

Starfield is a massive Xbox first party game coming in 2023

Starfield players are planning to build ships they wish they could use in Star Citizen after they claim they were sold a “pipe dream”.

Starfield is easily one of the most anticipated games this year. This’ll be Bethesda Softworks’ first game since 2015’s Fallout 4, and anticipation is through the roof. The excitement went to the stars during the 45-minute Starfield presentation earlier this month and players are already out there dreaming about where they’ll go and what they’ll explore. 

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However, for another community, the excitement for Starfield is bittersweet. Star Citizen has been in the works for well over a decade, with the original Kickstarter launching in 2012. The game’s release was set for 2014 but, well, that didn’t happen. 

Cut to 2023 and while there are playable portions of Star Citizen in various states, the game is far from “released”. During those eleven years though, Star Citizen has been selling ships that players will eventually be able to use in-game, some costing hundreds of dollars. 

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However, it seems some Star Citizen hopefuls will try to live out their spacefaring dreams in Starfield. 

Starfield players will try to recreate ships they’ve paid for in Star Citizen

In a Reddit thread, user one user posted a thread titled: “Star Citizen sold me a pipe dream but now I can build my own dreams”, with the photo of a ship from Star Citizen attached. The post has 1.9k upvotes as of writing. 

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Star citizen sold me a pipe dream but now I can build my own dreams by u/idontknowdoesitmatta in Starfield

They added: “Definitely going to be building some of the ships I could use in Star Citizen.

This is in reference to Starfield’s extensive ship creation tool, which will allow players to make intricate ship designs. It’s not clear how closely they’ll be able to make ships like the RSI Galaxy shown off in this image. However, if they want inspiration, there will be a lot they can pull from Star Citizen. 

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There will be some limitations though. As another user posts, who says they are a Star Citizen backer, the RSI Galaxy is around 200 meters long, whereas Starfield doesn’t thus far look like it will let players create ships that big. 

That said, it’s wild that a complete version of Starfield will be landing in players’ hands before Star Citizen. Here’s hoping one day Star Citizen finally makes good on all its promises and satisfies those who have put money into the game. For now, though, Starfield feels like it will be a pretty great stopgap.

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