Scrapped Boba Fett Star Wars film by James Mangold was “borderline R-rated”


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Scrapped Boba Fett Star Wars film by James Mangold was “borderline R-rated”

Published: 2023-06-30T00:43:46  ❘   Updated: 2023-06-30T00:43:58Disney

Acclaimed director James Mangold has finally spilled the beans on his initial plan for a film in a galaxy far, far away. His original Star Wars project involving Boba Fett was bordering on adult territory, outlining how his idea may have resulted in the first R-rating for the franchise.

In the decades since Star Wars first sprung to life in 1977, the now Disney-controlled franchise has largely focused on family-friendly productions. Most movies fall under the PG-13 rating in the United States, with streaming series like The Mandalorian and Andor aligning closely with TV-14 labels as well.

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However, James Mangold seemingly had an idea to buck the trend, one that may have delivered the very first R-rated Star Wars project. The renowned director behind the likes of Logan, Ford v Ferrari, and most recently, the final Indiana Jones film, was previously tapped to write and direct a standalone Boba Fett movie.

Though following the reception to Han Solo, this plan was ultimately shelved. Five years on from its cancellation, and Mangold has now revealed some juicy details on what his plans for the iconic bounty hunter involved.

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We’ve had plenty of Boba Fett on our screens in recent years, despite the cancelation of Mangold’s film.

“At the point I was doing it, I was probably scaring the s**t out of everyone,” Mangold joked in an interview with Josh Horowitz. “I was making much more of a borderline R-rated, single planet, spaghetti Western.”

While specifics on an overall plot and details on the level of violence weren’t shared, Mangold teased the script he was writing may not have aligned with Boba Fett’s recent appearances on Disney+.

“They probably would never be able to embrace Baby Yoda if I had made that. So it didn’t really belong in the world I was envisioning.


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“I was just listening to [spaghetti Western composer] Ennio Morricone all day, all night, and typing away. I’m not sure it ever would have happened. I’m not sure it was in anyone’s plans, what I was thinking.”

Mangold discusses the past and future of Star Wars from the 29:11 mark below

While that particular dream may have been shelved, Mangold is still getting the opportunity to lead his own Star Wars film. As announced at the 2023 Star Wars Celebration in Europe, Dawn of the Jedi is the working title for his upcoming project set thousands of years before anything we’ve seen on screen thus far.

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The new project intends to reveal the beginnings of the Force and how Jedi came into power. Whether or not this particular idea will manifest itself in an R-rated adult flick, remains to be seen. But it would be safe bet to assume that won’t be the case given the fate of Mangold’s last attempt.

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