Pokimane’s surprise raid leaves up-and-coming Twitch streamer in tears



Pokimane’s surprise raid leaves up-and-coming Twitch streamer in tears

Published: 2023-07-05T01:58:05  ❘   Updated: 2023-07-05T01:58:19Twitch: yeetitsnikki/Pokimane

Pokimane surprises ‘yeetitsnikki’ with Twitch raid

In an emotional whirlwind, rising Twitch star, ‘yeetitsnikki’, was abruptly thrust into the spotlight when Twitch sensation Pokimane unexpectedly raided her channel, ushering in a staggering 13,000 viewers.

Pokimane, undeniably a powerhouse in the Twitch world, boasts a legion of dedicated followers and a staunch resolve not to compromise her ethics and principles.

Meanwhile, Nikki, better known by her Twitch handle, ‘yeetitsnikki‘, is a relatively small-scale streamer in comparison. At least, that was the case until today. Nikki was at Coney Island with her family during only her second “IRL” stream. Nikki’s concept was simple yet engaging: Viewers could donate and suggest a question for her to ask the public, as long as it wasn’t inappropriate.

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An hour into her stream, Nikki was hit by a wave of shock and elation as her Twitch channel was flooded by Pokimane’s fans, sending her viewer count soaring.

Nikki was disbelieving at first, her excitement and shock making her question the legitimacy of what was happening. “You’re lying! Dude, Pokimane! I don’t believe this. What the f***. Pokimane… Like, Pokimane? There’s absolutely no way.”

Her disbelief was soon replaced by overwhelming joy as donations started pouring in, effortlessly smashing her daily subscriber goal. Nikki, caught in the whirlwind of sudden fame and recognition, began shaking. “I’m freaking out. You’re amazing. I have nothing else to say. Pokimane, you’re amazing. I’m shaking.”

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The sheer intensity of Nikki’s reactions left nearby onlookers perplexed, unsure of the cause of her emotional outburst. “I can’t believe this is happening again. We have 13,000 people in here. No one around me gets what’s happening. They think I’m going crazy.”

Overcome with emotion, Nikki broke down in tears. She whispered a heartfelt, “Thank you so much,” her hands visibly shaking, before rushing off to share the news with her mother. The joy and surprise were infectious, leading to a heartfelt family moment on stream, with Nikki’s family appearing and sharing their thanks to Pokimane.


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Twitch: Pokimane

Pokimane is Twitch’s most-followed female streamer.

On returning to the camera, Nikki composed herself to thank Pokimane and her community properly. “First of all, Poki. I’m a huge fan. For real, every YouTube video, every f***ng VOD, I’m there, bro. I’m there. To the Poki community, welcome in. This is my second IRL stream ever, and all my family is right here.”

This surprise raid from Pokimane followed a similar raid by Mizkif on Nikki’s channel just days earlier.

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Clearly, the Twitch community is embracing ‘yeetitsnikki’, and this latest episode serves as a heartwarming reminder of the joy and surprise that popular streamers can bring to others.

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