OnlyFans teacher finally fired after wearing ‘sexy school girl’ outfit on TikTok



OnlyFans teacher finally fired after wearing ‘sexy school girl’ outfit on TikTok

Published: 2023-07-05T18:58:34  ❘   Updated: 2023-07-05T18:58:47Instagram/a_v_a_james88

A teacher in Canada has finally been sacked after a lengthy fight with a school board to let her keep making OnlyFans content.

Kristin MacDonald, better known by her OnlyFans monicker Ava James the “dommy mommy,” has been at the center of a long feud with a school district in British Columbia.

After receiving a cease and desist letter from the Coquitlam School District to remove her OnlyFans and social media accounts, James instead kept it and fought to be able to keep her job as an educational assistant while still running her OF.

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Now, at long last, even after the school board admitted to subscribing to her OnlyFans to see what content she was making, a decision has been made to terminate James.

Teacher fired after battle with school to keep OnlyFans

According to reports, James was given six reasons for her sacking and was accused by school administrators of “sexualization of the school environment.”

James said this has to do with a TikTok video where she started dancing while wearing a schoolgirl uniform.


Ava James has finally been fired over her OnlyFans content.

The letter states: “Putting to one side material posted on the OnlyFans account you operate, posting on publicly accessible platforms content that involves the sexualization of the school environment via ‘sexy school girl’ imagery and innuendo to ‘meet at the playground’ for sexual activities, in and of itself negatively affects the District’s operations, reputation and work environment.”

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The former teacher isn’t a fan of this decision and took aim at the school board, claiming the whole situation came down to spite and pettiness.

“I am an education assistant that has been terminated for putting on a schoolgirl outfit. Seems absurd to me,” she said when she got word of the firing. “I feel like they’re making connections to, you know, me defaming the education system by wearing this outfit. It’s so far-fetched to me. It seems very petty.”


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A ‘sexy school girl’ outfit may have been what ended Ava James teaching career.

On Instagram, she even took aim at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, referencing how he wore blackface multiple times in the past while “an education assistant who makes less than 50k a year is persecuted for dressing up like a schoolgirl because it’s offensive.”

It’s not clear what more action James will take, but she’s far from the first teacher to be sacked over OnlyFans content. Previously, a science teacher in Arizona was fired after she was caught making videos on students’ desks.

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