Ninja strikes gold in first-ever attempt at Only Up!: “Is that it?”



Ninja strikes gold in first-ever attempt at Only Up!: “Is that it?”

Published: 2023-07-04T06:28:52  ❘   Updated: 2023-07-05T00:42:25YouTube: Ninja / SCKR Games

With exceptional precision and grit, renowned streamer Ninja completed the challenging Only Up! game in 2 hours and 18 minutes on his first-ever attempt.

Only Up! is a notoriously demanding game that requires expert navigation skills, precise jumping, and unyielding resolve. It challenges players to ascend from the ground to the edge of space, navigating through a meticulously crafted obstacle course.

The game’s allure captivated streamers worldwide, including IShowSpeed, xQc, and YouTube personality DrDisRespect to name a few. Many have made several attempts to conquer it, while others are still striving for completion.

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For Ninja, however, the story unfolded differently. Despite a trolling chat room attempting to throw him off track for most of the stream, Ninja tackled the notorious game head-on and achieved victory on his first attempt.

You can find Ninja’s full Only Up stream below or click here if the video fails to load.

His prowess, honed from his legendary Fortnite stints, proved a perfect fit for the platformer game. Even after a single fall 23 minutes into his playthrough, he remained undeterred.

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Bouncing back like a true champion, he continued his ascent, providing a thrilling spectacle for the viewers who tuned in on July 3.

Upon concluding his triumphant run, he remarked, “That was fun, man. I literally feel like I just completed a long day’s work, and I just want to relax now. Is that it?” Adding an extra layer of excitement for his viewers, he hinted at future speedruns, of which Only Up! players have already been pushing the pace.


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YouTube: Ninja

Ninja soared to the top in his very first Only Up! run.

Developed by SCKR Games, Only Up! has been a sensation on Twitch since its release, even despite a minor hiccup when it was temporarily pulled from Steam over a copyright dispute. The game quickly returned and has consistently drawn in the crowds, garnering a peak viewership of 163,665 on July 3, per Twitch Tracker.

The game challenges players’ patience to the extreme. With no checkpoints, a single misstep can send the player tumbling back to the starting point. However, the reward is a breathtaking journey through exotic locales and cultural settings. And for those with an eagle eye, there are easter eggs that blend pop culture references into the game.

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While Only Up! does have its frustrations and could benefit from some polishing in terms of controls and movement mechanics, its allure lies in its unique and challenging level design. The thrill of navigating toward the pinnacle resonates with players, who invest countless hours in the game.

Unless you’re Ninja, that is. Then you only need a mere 2 hours and 18 minutes.

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