New Valorant Agent Deadlock brings game-breaking exploit letting players shoot through any wall



New Valorant Agent Deadlock brings game-breaking exploit letting players shoot through any wall

Published: 2023-07-05T05:22:15  ❘   Updated: 2023-07-05T05:22:29Riot Games

Valorant’s newest agent Deadlock features a game-breaking bug that allows players to shoot through previously impenetrable walls.

Riot’s hit tactical shooter Valorant is constantly evolving. With the release of the newest episode, players were introduced to team deathmatch, a classic take on the 5v5 mode. Alongside this, we were given the newest Norwegian sentinel Deadlock. Deploying a hefty set of defensive tools, the agent is more than capable of holding down areas with her nanowire.

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Like other new agent releases, Deadlock fills many niches outside of her role. Her GravNet grenade and ultimate Annihilation allow her to clear out sites well, which she can then lock down using her signature Barrier Mesh ability. However, all these abilities pale in comparison to the current state of her Sonic Sensor.

Sonic Sensor sends out a concussive blast when it detects sound. This can be in the form of movement, gun firing, and ability usage. It’s not the concussive blast that’s the most powerful part though, as players have now discovered you’re able to fire through the Sensor, allowing you to wall bang impenetrable walls.

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As demonstrated by Valorant YouTuber Kanga, when a player placed down the Sensor, they’re able to fire through it. The wall that it’s placed on also shows bullet holes, meaning that the wall has become wall penetrable.

This gives the ability a whole new level of interaction, as it means players can fire through angles previously thought impossible. This is perfect for post-plant scenarios allowing the Deadlock player to play completely offsite.

Bugs like this have existed before in Valorant, with many buttons like the ones on Ascent being wall bangable. However, nothing quite to this extreme.


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It’s uncertain if Riot will be fixing this game-breaking bug anytime soon as devs are yet to respond to the exploit. But with many players trying out the new agent, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for even the most unexpected angles of fire.

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