NBA 2K24 early access: Will you be able to play early?


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NBA 2K24 early access: Will you be able to play early?

Published: 2023-06-28T11:01:50  ❘   Updated: 2023-06-28T11:02:032K Games

Will NBA 2K24 have early access? Well, if you’re wondering whether you can play NBA 2K24 early, our guide has everything we know. 

Despite there being no official NBA 2K24 release date, that hasn’t stopped fans from making player predictions and wondering who this year’s cover star will be. While players are patiently waiting for 2K Games to reveal more details on the upcoming basketball game, many will undoubtedly be questioning whether NBA 2K24 will have early access. 

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After all, being able to play the game ahead of its worldwide release is a huge bonus for those looking to cram in some early multiplayer matches. While information surrounding NBA 2K24 is still scarce, we’ve detailed everything we currently know so far about the prospect of an NBA 2K24 early access period.

Can you play NBA 2K24 early?

2K Games

Details surrounding NBA 2K24 have been scarce.

As of writing, 2K Games have not disclosed whether NBA 2K24 will feature an early access period. Even the release date for NBA 2K24 remains a mystery, but we’ll likely hear official word as we near the game’s launch. 

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However, 2K Games have previously allowed players to experience their games a few days before release. It’s worth noting that NBA 2K23 did not have an early access period, which could mean NBA 2K24 will follow a similar route. 

As always, we’ll be sure to update this piece as and when we receive official word from the developers on the game’s early access. 

So, that covers all the information available about NBA 2K24 early access. For more information about NBA 2K24, be sure to check out our NBA page and guides below. 

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