Modern Warfare 2 players flame “pathetic” Season 2 multiplayer maps


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Modern Warfare 2 players flame “pathetic” Season 2 multiplayer maps

Published: 2023-02-08T21:34:50  ❘   Updated: 2023-02-08T21:34:58Activision

Infinity Ward unveiled Modern Warfare 2’s second season roadmap, and multiplayer’s new 6v6 maps stunned players for all the wrong reasons.

Modern Warfare 2’s initial season 2 announcement sparked outrage from multiplayer fans, as it appeared the upcoming season would only include two new 6v6 multiplayer maps.

Some players grew increasingly frustrated when a leak revealed that one of the new environments would be Valderas Museum, which was in MW2 during the beta but mysteriously disappeared on launch day. Part of the disapproval also stemmed from the map receiving polarizing reviews when it first appeared.

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The community’s worst fears became a reality, as MW2’s Season 2 roadmap only confirmed two new maps, one of which being Valderas Museum.

Modern Warfare 2 players slam “embarrassing” Season 2 maps


Valderas Museum was a polarizing map in the MW2 beta.

On February 8, Infinity Ward announced Dome and Valderas Museum as the two 6v6 maps for Season 2. Dome is a remake of the classic Modern Warfare 3 map, which takes place in an abandoned NATO military outpost somewhere in the middle east.

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Call of Duty: Ghosts and Vanguard also released remastered versions of the fan-favorite map. As for Valderas Museum, the developers didn’t reveal much in the official blog post about what fans can expect from the re-released environment.

Call of Duty Insider CharlieINTEL reported that Dome and Museum will be the only new 6v6 maps in Season 2 “as of now.”


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Call of Duty streamer RaidAway, responded, “This is just a big middle finger to all the people who support multiplayer still.”

CoD news account TheMW2Ghost added, “so, a grand total of zero new 6v6 maps, yikes!”

They are technically correct, as Shoothouse, Shipment, and Dome are all remakes, while Valderas Museum was already an MW2 multiplayer map before being removed.

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Warzone 2 streamer KRNG Espresso echoed a similar sentiment by arguing, “We’re going to be 5 months into the game’s life cycle for 6v6 MP before we have the *chance* for a genuine NEW map first debuting post-launch.”

CharlieINTEL warned fans not to expect more than two 6v6 multiplayer maps, but the news still came as a blow to players expecting a wealth of multiplayer content in the upcoming season.

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