MSC 2023 Grand Finals draws more viewers than CDL Champs, VCT Masters Tokyo, & OWL combined



MSC 2023 Grand Finals draws more viewers than CDL Champs, VCT Masters Tokyo, & OWL combined

Published: 2023-06-20T06:19:07  ❘   Updated: 2023-06-20T06:19:20Mobile Legends Esports

The Mobile Legends: Southeast Asia Cup Grand FInals drew more viewers than CDL Champs, VCT Masters Tokyo, and OWL Midseason Madness combined last weekend, with millions tuning in. 

For esports fans across many games, it was an exciting time last weekend. CDL saw New York Subliners claim the 2023 Champs trophy, OWL saw Atlanta Reign go on a flawless run at Midseason Madness, and VCT saw the Masters playoffs kick off with one of the most unlikely brackets drawn. 

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For Mobile Legends fans, they saw the conclusion to MSC 2023, witnessing ONIC Esports claim their second MSC title in an extremely dominant run through the tournament.

But with all the different esports tournaments ending this weekend, the one that drew not only the most eyes, but also absolutely smashed viewership records across the boards, was Mobile Legends. 

According to Esports Charts, the MSC 2023 Grand Finals between ONIC Esports and Blacklist International drew in a staggering 3,650,822 concurrent viewers at its peak.

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The Indonesian stream alone, which is the region where Mobile Legends is most popular and where ONIC is from, drew in a jaw-dropping 2.16 million viewers at its peak. Whilst the YouTube stream peaked at 2.41 million viewers. 

Meanwhile, VCT’s highest viewership over the weekend was the PRX vs DRX match which saw 454,107 viewers at its peak. CDL Champs peaked at 294,178 viewers, and OWL’s Midseason Madness at 83,987. 

Combined, it doesn’t even come close to the peak of the Indonesian stream, let alone the tournament’s highest viewership peak. 

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The most insane part of Mobile Legends is this was not even the most watched match of all time, rather only the second. The M4 World Championship match between Blacklist and RRQ saw 4.27 million viewers at its peak. 

And according to Esports Charts, Mobile Legends is by far the most popular esport viewership-wise, with League of Legends trailing behind by two million viewers. 

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