Is NBA 2K24 coming to Xbox Game Pass?


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Is NBA 2K24 coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Published: 2023-06-14T15:53:06  ❘   Updated: 2023-06-14T15:53:172K Games

Is NBA 2K24 coming to Xbox Game Pass? Find out everything we know about whether the upcoming basketball game will release on Microsoft’s subscription service.

NBA 2K24 will be the latest installment in the popular basketball series, giving players the chance to shoot some hoops with its all-star roster. While the release date and main cover athlete have yet to be revealed, many players are still hyped to see where their favorites rank. 

However, those looking to continue their career on the pitch will be wondering whether NBA 2k24 will be making its way to Xbox Game Pass. After all, Game Pass enables players to download and play titles from a huge library of both new and classic games. 

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So, if you’re looking to play the game when it releases on Xbox Game Pass, then our handy hub has you covered with everything you need to know.

Will NBA 2K24 be on Xbox Game Pass?

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The NBA 2K series has been on Xbox Game Pass in the past.

Currently, there is no confirmation on whether NBA 2K24 will be available on Xbox Game Pass. However, considering NBA 2K22 has been playable on Game Pass, it’s safe to assume that the latest installment will come to Microsoft’s subscription service in the future. 

This is particularly good news for those that wish to play the game without having to purchase a copy. It’s important to note, that NBA 2K22 didn’t appear on Xbox Game Pass at launch – instead, players had to wait a few months before it was eventually added in April 2022. 

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Meanwhile, NBA 2K23 only had a free-to-play weekend in February 2023 for Game Pass subscribers, so we can expect 2K24 will do the same. NBA 2K21 was also removed when NBA 2K22 was released on Game Pass, so make sure you get in enough playtime on 2K22 before the arrival of its sequel. 

As always, we’ll be sure to update this piece as soon as we get official word from the developers. Until then, check out our NBA 2K page for all the latest news and updates. 

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