ImperialHal doesn’t like the “direction” of Apex Legends but isn’t quitting


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ImperialHal doesn’t like the “direction” of Apex Legends but isn’t quitting

Published: 2023-07-03T12:27:03  ❘   Updated: 2023-07-04T20:22:42TSM/Respawn

TSM’s Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has revealed that he wants to play Apex Legends for quite some time yet, but he’s unsure about the current direction of the game. 

Over the last few months, ImperialHal has taken a little bit of a step back from Apex Legends. The TSM star, who won MVP at the ALGS finals in London back in February, has also been increasingly vocal in his criticism of the battle royale and some of the changes Respawn has made. 

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Most recently, he called out the devs for their nerf to Seer. Hal thought it actually went the other way and the recon legend got somewhat of a buff – which he’s also claimed is a problem going into LAN.

He’s also unsure about the current direction of the battle royale as a whole, but he is still planning to stick around for a while. 

ImperialHal wants to keep playing Apex Legends but unsure on battle royale’s direction

It was something that came up during his June 30 stream, as Hal was quizzed by Samora on whether or not he sees himself playing Apex for too much longer. 

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“I’ve been playing for four years, it’s kind of a long time, doesn’t feel like it. I want to obviously play Apex for as long as I can because it’s my job and make the most money out of it,” he said, noting that it would be tough to start again in a different title. 

“I’m going to try as long as I can but right now, regarding the direction of the game, it’s not where I want it to go but I don’t have much control over that.” 


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As noted, Hal had taken a bit of a step back from competing in Apex, but he is pretty much back on the battle royale full-time. So, he’s hardly looking for a way out.

The TSM star has been suggesting some changes that Respawn could make to improve the overall health of the game recently, but it’ll probably fall on deaf ears given that Season 18 isn’t too far away.

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