How to watch Kingpyn’s ‘High Stakes’ Boxing Tournament: Stream, date & fight card



How to watch Kingpyn’s ‘High Stakes’ Boxing Tournament: Stream, date & fight card

Published: 2023-05-28T11:51:38  ❘   Updated: 2023-05-28T11:51:47Kingpyn

The second round of Kingpyn’s ‘High Stakes’ YouTube Boxing Tournament is just around the corner. Featuring eight male and eight female fighters, here’s everything you need to know about the tournament.

The world of influencer boxing continues to grow as we see more and more events featuring some of the internet’s biggest stars. After signing a five-year deal with DAZN earlier this year, KSI’s Misfits Boxing is certainly the leader of the space, with the partnership expected to have 10 events in 2023.

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However, Kingpyn‘s ‘High Stakes’ tournament is here to make a statement, dubbed as the ‘biggest influencer boxing tournament’ the world has ever seen.

Consisting of eight male and eight female fighters gathered from around the world and spanning three events, here’s everything you need to know.


When is the tournament?Where to watch?Who is fighting?Quarter-Final resultsSemi-Final fight card

When is Kingpyn’s ‘High Stakes’ Boxing Tournament?

Kingpyn’s ‘High Stakes’ Boxing Tournament will span across three separate events over the next few months. The first of those events is already done and dusted, which kicked off on April 22 at the OVO Arena in Wembley, London.

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Looking forward, Dublin will host the semi-final round of the ‘High Stakes’ tournament at the iconic 3Arena on July 1, giving fighters a shot at redemption and others their chance at glory.

The final round will once more take place in London at the O2 Arena on August 5, where the first male and female ‘Kingpyn’ will be crowned.


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Article continues after adWinners will fight the winners and those that don’t progress will fight each other.

How to watch Kingpyn’s ‘High Stakes’ Boxing Touyornament

Viewers can tune into the tournament from home via PPV through the Kingpyn website. The PPV is offered in three tiers, starting at £13.99 for the basic package to view in 720p quality.

To watch in full HD, you’ll need to purchase the premium package at £15.99, or premium plus for £19.99 — which includes access to a watch party with special guests.

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Alternatively, fans can purchase tickets to watch the action live in person via the Kingpyn website.

Who is fighting in Kingpyn’s ‘High Stakes’ Boxing Tournament?

As aforementioned, Kingpyn’s ‘High Stakes’ will feature eight male and eight female fighters. The tournament consists of some influencers which we’ve already seen touch gloves in the ring, while also bringing some new faces to the scene.

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Below you can find the full list of male and female fighters:

Kingpyn ‘High Stakes’ Male Fighters
Whinderson Nunes
King Kenny
Tom Zanetti
My Mate Nate
Austin McBroom
Filip Marcinek
Kingpyn ‘High Stakes’ Female Fighters
Elle Brooke
Whitney Johns
Amber O’Donnell
Daniella Hemsley
Jully Poca
Ms. Danielka
Emily Brooke

Kingpyn’s ‘High Stakes’ quarter-final fight card & results

The quarter-final round saw some exciting matchups between some of our favorite influencers and even the return of certain rivalries.

Notably, AnEsonGib and Austin McBroom went blow to blow once more following their firey bout last year, which ended in Gib’s favor after sending McBroom to the canvas five times. This time around was no different from the first, with Gib taking the win via TKO in the third round.

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After beating AJ Bunker by unanimous decision and swiftly taking down Faith Ordway, fans were excited to see Elle Booke get back in the ring. The OnlyFans star entered the tournament as the most experienced female fighter on the roster, and it certainly showed as she comfortably took the win over Ms. Danielka via unanimous decision.

Round Matchup Winner Condition
Quarter-Final Whinderson Nunes vs Filip Marcinek Whinderson Nunes TKO
Quarter-Final Jarvis vs Tom Zanetti Jarvis Stoppage
Quarter-Final AnEsonGib vs Austin McBroom AnEsonGib TKO
Quarter-Final My Mate Nate vs King Kenny King Kenny TKO
Quarter-Final Emily Brooke vs Amber O’Donnell Emily Brooke Unanimous Decision
Quarter-Final Daniella Hemsley vs Jully Poca Jully Poca Unanimous Decision
Quarter-Final Elle Brooke vs Ms. Danielka Elle Brooke Unanimous Decision
Quarter-Final 6ar6ie6 vs Whitney Johns 6ar6ie6 Unanimous Decision
Wildcard Blueface vs Ed Matthews Blueface TKO

Kingpyn’s ‘High Stakes’ semi-final fight card

Following the conclusion of the quarter-final, it’s time to look ahead as the fighters gear up for their next battle before moving on to their shot at glory in the final.

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The semi-final round consists of some thrilling match-ups, as AnEsonGib and Jarvis will touch gloves for their spot in the final, and similarly, King Kenny and Whinderson Nunes will be going toe-to-toe.

On the female side, Elle Brooke and Jully Poca will be stepping into the ring — which is shaping up to be Elle’s most challenging bout yet. Likewise, her sister Emily Brooke will too be advancing into the semi-final, where she’ll face 6ar6ie6.

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Round Match-up
Semi-Final AnEsonGib vs Jarvis
Semi-Final King Kenny vs Whinderson Nunes
Runner-up Austin McBroom vs Tom Zanetti
Runner-up My Mate Nate vs Filipek Marcinek
Semi-Final Elle Brooke vs Jully Poca
Semi-Final 6ar6ie6 vs Emily Brooke
Runner-up Ms. Danielka vs Daniella Hemsley
Runner-up Whitney Johns vs Amber O’Donnell

However, the semi-final fights aren’t the only ones to be looking forward to, as the runner-up bouts are just as exciting.

Further details on the tournament are to come in the weeks leading up to the second event, so be sure to check back as more is announced.

For a full list of influencer boxing matches in 2023, be sure to check out our hub.

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