How to watch $50k TSM Summer Invitational with Apex Legends pros & streamers


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How to watch $50k TSM Summer Invitational with Apex Legends pros & streamers

Published: 2023-06-27T11:59:35  ❘   Updated: 2023-06-27T11:59:45TSM

TSM’s Apex Legends Invitational series is back with the Summer 2023 edition. Here’s what you need to know, including the players competing and how and when to watch the action.

TSM kicked off their invitational series back in 2022, with a $100k tournament featuring a handful of top pros mixed in with streaming talents. EA & Respawn have supported the tournaments, which provide a break from the hardcore ALGS competition that makes up the bulk of the Apex esports calendar.

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For the Summer 2023 tournament, teams will be motivated by a $50,000 prize pool, but the games themselves have a number of LTM-like rule changes in place, such as Snipers & Shotguns only, or Pistols only.

There are also no set teams – instead, players are placed into a pool based on their region, and the trios are shuffled after every 2 games.

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TSM Summer Invitational stream

The tournament begins on June 27, with the first match expected to start at 1:30 pm PT / 4:30 pm ET / 9:30 pm BST.

The matches will be streamed with casters on the TSM Twitch channel, but you can also expect many of the participants to be streaming their POV on their own streams.

Providing the cast on the main stream will be Andrew and Judy from His and Hers Live.


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The format for this event is slightly more complex than in previous Invitationals. In total, there will be six games played, with points awarded for placement and kills. However, some of the games will have a unique ruleset:

Game 1: Standard RulesGame 2: Snipers & Shotguns onlyGame 3: Standard RulesGame 4: Pistols OnlyGame 5: Standard RulesGame 6: No Weapons, Vantage and Rampart

Rather than an overall winner after all of the games, prize money will be distributed based on each team’s performance in each game.

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TSM Invitational teams

As mentioned, there are no set teams. Instead, there are four pools of players: NA pros, EMEA pros, NA streamers, and EMEA streamers.

From these pools, the trios will be shuffled after the second game and again after the fourth game. Each team will consist of one NA or EMEA pro player, one NA streamer and one EMEA streamer.

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NA ALGS EMEA ALGS NA streamers EMEA streamers
Hambino Mande Alleyoop Gdolphn
HisWattson Amaazz GuhRL Chalice
OhNocturnal Hakis Janey 3DShiro
Reps jmw Morg ShivFPS
ImperialHal Yuki avuhlie MISTER ARTHER
SweetDreams Sabz Boomrazzle Nati
Monsoon Gnaske Luciian Salinono
Verhulst Faenex ConfusingQT Yuusaki
Sang Blasts kine MissPotatoHead
YanYa KSWINNIIE SelenTatsuki Little Camms
WeThePeople NixAims

Although this tournament is just for fun, with wacky rulesets, some pro players will still be keen to make sure it’s valuable time spent, as they continue to scrim in preparation for the $1 million ALGS Split 2 playoffs in only a few weeks’ time.

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