How does Temptation Island work? Season 5 format explained


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How does Temptation Island work? Season 5 format explained

Published: 2023-07-05T17:13:34  ❘   Updated: 2023-07-05T17:13:46USA Network

The format of the reality TV series Temptation Island Season 5 is known to stir up some major romance and tension.

Season 5 of Temptation Island has a dynamic cast of couples. Given the disputes over marriage, children, and settling down in general, this might be the best season yet.

So, what sets Temptation Island apart from other popular reality TV shows, like Love Island and Love Is Blind? Is the only difference the fact that the stars enter the show already in a relationship?

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Here is everything you need to know about the exciting format of the series.

What is the format for Temptation Island Season 5?

The main twist in Temptation Island is that the couples are not alone. They all have to live in the same house with other people, but not the other couples. Instead, they are challenged to live with singles.

Not only does each couple have to live with hopeful singles, but there is also a house for the boys and a house for the girls. As such, their partners have no clue what they are getting up to. Well, kind of. While they are not aware of the actual moments, they are soon shown clips from the cameras inside the house.

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Being around single – and ready-to-mingle – people is going to make it hard for these couples to resist. Luckily, even though they are not allowed to reconnect until the season is over, their significant others still have some control.

Throughout the season, each partner within the couple is allowed to block their partner from dating a specific person in the house. However, there are also dates that are sure to bring romance and drama to each of the couples.

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Giving into this temptation is a recipe for disaster. Will the couples make it out of Temptation Island still together? Or will they decide to call it quits? Temptation Island’s unique format makes it a must-see reality TV show. 

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