GTA 6 Online clip resurfaces after everyone missed it in historic leaks



GTA 6 Online clip resurfaces after everyone missed it in historic leaks

Published: 2023-03-22T13:26:14  ❘   Updated: 2023-03-22T13:26:21Rockstar/ YouTube: KatChartreux

Grand Theft Auto fans have been taken back by a clip from the GTA 6 leak that they all appeared to miss, as it apparently shows the first details about GTA Online in the new game. 

Back in September, GTA fans got a historic set of leaks, as the first bits of gameplay from GTA 6’s pre-alpha build surfaced online. The leaks confirmed a number of claims from insiders about a female protagonist, the game being set in Florida, and a few other things as well. 

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Around 90 clips – some short, some longer – surfaced at the time, and while fans saw a vast majority of them, Rockstar was quick to shut them down and issue DMCA takedowns. It was confirmed that the leak wouldn’t have any impact on development, but Take-Two noted that the devs were affected emotionally by their work getting out. 

With anticipation building yet again, these clips recently started circulating again on social media, including a few that many fans seemed to miss the first time around. 

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GTA 6 Online clip resurfaces as fans missed it first time round

One of those appears to give a brief look at GTA 6’s Online mode, as there is a reference to the number of players in one server. 

This brief clip shows a player having another character on their shoulders, while the bottom of the screen says “PL: 2/32,” which appears to reference a player count for the server. 

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“Seems like a lot of us, myself included, never saw this clip,” said one player. “I have the file of all footage saved from September, this was not in it. Where did this come from?” another quizzed. “Where tf did this clip come from? Y’all just dropping sh*t randomly,” commented another. 

The clip was actually referenced by Rockstar insider TezFun back in November, who noted that the next installment of GTA Online will have 30-player lobbies, with an additional two spaces for spectators.

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That would match the maximum size of lobbies in GTA Online currently, but if there is a bigger city to explore, fans would likely have a bit of peace and quiet from griefers.

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