Diablo 4 players demand massive buff for popular Sorcerer build



Diablo 4 players demand massive buff for popular Sorcerer build

Published: 2023-07-04T09:37:11  ❘   Updated: 2023-07-04T09:37:24Blizzard Entertainment

Many Sorcerer and Sorceress users in Diablo 4 are becoming increasingly frustrated by the game’s inability to keep one of the most fun spells viable into the endgame.

There truly are numerous ways you can go about playing Diablo 4. If you prefer a full on frontal assault of physicality, then a Barbarian will suit you. If you want your own undead army, then hello Necromancer. Many players love to opt for pure magic vibes though, making the Sorcerer the ideal choice.

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Featuring a wide variety of elemental magic, the class is teeming with possibilities. However, as with other classes, Diablo 4’s endgame changes up the dynamic of the gameplay. While many builds are effective early on, many fall by the wayside as the game progresses. One especially has got players hot under the skin and wanting Blizzard to impart some extra power to it.

Diablo 4 players want buffs for “fun” Hydra build

Reddit user 1990feels told the Diablo 4 community that it “Sure would be fun playing a Hydra build.”

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If you’re unfamiliar with the Sorcerer or just never encountered the skill, Hydra allows players to conjure a flaming, three-headed Hydra to fight alongside the caster. It’s an incredibly cool skill with both artistic and DPS positives.

The ability seems to be a great tool to use early on for mages. According to players though, its potential to wipe enemies starts to dwindle much earlier than expected. “Oh wait, Blizz nerfed it by 75% because of level 25 “balance” & effectively deleted it from endgame. Super cool,” the OP continued.

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Sure would be fun playing a Hydra build. by u/1990feels in Diablo

Players feel that Diablo 4 forces Sorcerers to go with specific builds. One player commented: “I played through the whole campaign (and had fun!) and for a while into Tier 3 until it began to feel too difficult to squeeze any more damage out of my hydra build to keep up with the mobs. When I finally switched over to the Nova / Ice shards build. It felt ridiculous how much of a DPS difference there immediately was. Ice shards are fun too, but not my favorite Sorcerer skill really, I liked the Hydras.”

Another player explained their frustration: “I’m level 65 and doing a Hydra/Firewall build. Blizzard has made almost all of the gear learn towards Frost and it’s incredibly frustrating. I just want to play a build I have fun with but it seems I’m gonna have to switch to frost if I want to keep up in the slightest.”

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Diablo 4 is continuing to move along nicely despite this Sorcerer hiccup, although players are also a bit annoyed with the infamous delay bug, along with the lack of coherent social features in the RPG title.

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