Diablo 4 players claim the game literally puts them to sleep



Diablo 4 players claim the game literally puts them to sleep

Published: 2023-07-04T17:28:22  ❘   Updated: 2023-07-04T17:28:35Blizzard Entertainment

While enjoying the game overall, some Diablo 4 players admit that it occasionally puts them to sleep when they’re playing.

Diablo 4 launched a little over a month ago, but discourse about the experience’s many pros and cons remains the talk of the town.

The story campaign and much of its accompanying content received widespread praise at release. Meanwhile, the endgame content, social features, and looting left a lot to be desired.

As the wait for Season 2 presses on, comfort in Diablo 4’s status quo has become a problem for some players, so much so that it apparently makes them feel sleepy while playing.

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Diablo 4 fans say the game sometimes puts them to sleep

Reddit user Qahnarinn recently posted a thread asking fellow Diablo 4 players the following: “Do you get sleepy playing?”

The Redditor means no offense, but thinks their “boring build” and the monotony of pressing the same buttons gets so repetitive that playing “gives me the ZZZZ’s.”

Do you get sleepy playing? by u/Qahnarinn in diablo4

Replies to the thread show the original poster isn’t the only one who feels this way about the newest Diablo entry. One user responded, “Thought it was just me, I start bobbing for apples after an hour, doesn’t matter the time of day.”

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Someone else likened it to highway hypnosis, explaining that “You are preforming a task, one that you safely and correctly do all the time, and your mind enters a lul so to speak.”

And others noted that various parts of Diablo 4 make it easy to fall asleep to. Its “slow combat, no major threats (outside HC), dull color palette, soothing music, ASMR blood squelched, [and] cyclical gameplay” can easily facilitate players’ drifting off.

It’ll be interesting to see if users still feel this way when Blizzard starts rolling out Diablo 4’s Season 1 content.

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