Destiny 2 players want more cubes as they tire of orbs rolling off maps



Destiny 2 players want more cubes as they tire of orbs rolling off maps

Published: 2023-07-04T16:19:00  ❘   Updated: 2023-07-04T16:19:13

Destiny 2 players lament Orbs of Power changes that have modified their physics to make them more realistic. The problem is they’re now rolling around and off maps.

There are a lot of orbs in Destiny 2. From The Traveler, Taken Blights, Servitors, planets, and whatever Eris interacted with at the end of Shadowkeep. They are everywhere, and all have key importance in the world of Destiny. 

However, in terms of the ones Guardians interact with the most, Orbs of Power is essential to gameplay. When it comes to builds, Orbs of Power are the main currency that makes most work. Depending on the mods you have, they can make you stronger, give you healing, return grenades or melee damage, and charge you up – they can do just about anything useful related to your build as long as you have the right mods on. 

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However, the orbs have been acting differently due to a recent update. The physics of the Orbs of Power are actually improved, moving more like actual spheres. This was due to an update that allowed orbs to be picked up by the Shoot to Loot weapon perk.

However, this improvement hasn’t been universally welcomed as the physics are causing issues for some players. 

Should these Destiny 2 orbs be cubes instead?

In a Reddit thread with over 1.1k upvotes at the time of writing, user AdLate8669 complained that “Orbs of Power now have stronger physics and roll all over the place, especially off cliffs.”

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They added: “If it was a consequence of the new mods we got, I’d rather give back the new mods and have the orbs go back to how they used to be.”

While some annoying orbs rolling around seems an okay price to pay for gameplay benefits, the community has had some fun coming up with ways around this. Almost all of them center around changing the shape of the Orbs of Power. 

“Motes of power vs Cubes of Power,” one player jokes. Another says, “I’m all for cubes of power!”


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 One player suggests, “Their hit box should be changed to a pyramid shape.”

Another goes to bat, saying, “Giving them a hit box of a dodecahedron would probably help.”

“D20 orb gang,” another player concurs. 

Of course, Destiny has always had issues with things you pick up in-game acting in annoying ways. Motes in Gambit are notorious for falling through or off a map, so maybe the shape is only so helpful here. Hopefully, Bungie can come to some solution. It is definitely annoying when an orb you need goes missing from the map. 

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