Destiny 2 players split on time-limit in the new Exotic Mission



Destiny 2 players split on time-limit in the new Exotic Mission

Published: 2023-07-05T16:42:02  ❘   Updated: 2023-07-05T16:42:15Bungie

Destiny 2 players are praising Bungie for the game’s latest exotic mission, including the return of timers in it – though it’s not a hit with everyone. 

Some of the exotic missions in Destiny 2’s past are some of the most beloved content the game has ever seen. The Whisper of the Worm mission and Zero Hour are revered by veteran players as somewhat legendary.

Yesterday, that spirit lived on, as a new Exotic mission dropped. It was hidden in Deep Dives, behind collecting three swords you get from fishing. If you complete the mission you get the stasis Exotic scout rifle called Wicked Implement. 

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The mission itself is proving to be difficult for Guardians, too. The boss can take a lot of damage, and there are plenty of ways to get caught out and die. However bringing back the old-school feel, the mission also has a strict timer. When you reach the timed portion, you have around 10 minutes to complete the mission. If you do not, you fail and are kicked out to Orbit. 

This is how it worked in both The Whisper of the Worm and Zero Hour missions. That was before they were removed, so many are loving the return of this frantic restraint on the new mission. That said, it’s not a universal sentiment in-game.

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Not all players are happy with the return of timers

In a Reddit thread, user DooceBigalo titled a conversation “Adding a timer again on the new Exotic Quest had my heart pumping like the old days”. The thread has 721 upvotes at the time of writing, though it is fluctuating up and down showing how contentious it is. 

The water has proved to be threatening to Guardians in Season of the Deep.

Another user said: “I finished with 10 secs left, big sigh of relief from me and the 2 lfgs”.

However, some players aren’t loving the time constraint. “I know people enjoy timers for whatever reason but I just can’t deal with them,” said one player. 


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Another added: “I hate timers. They add nothing and prevent players from actually enjoying content”.

The conversation is equally split in the thread and it’s clear players have a pretty passionate view about time limits on content in Destiny 2. The game supports a lot of different kinds of players, so this kind of division is not entirely surprising. Still, it seems the reaction to the mission has largely been positive and players are enjoying the surprise of it dropping. 

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