Destiny 2 devs explain why Savathun and the Hive won’t be our allies any time soon



Destiny 2 devs explain why Savathun and the Hive won’t be our allies any time soon

Published: 2023-07-03T13:44:17  ❘   Updated: 2023-07-03T13:44:27Bungie

We haven’t turned Savathun into a gun… yet.

Bungie has revealed why Guardians shouldn’t get their hopes up about a Hive alliance in the near future. This article will contain spoilers for the end of Season of the Deep so beware! 

Over the past two years, Bungie has been readying the world of Destiny 2 for the arrival of the Final Shape. With such a daunting foe on our horizon, in the form of the Witness, the story of Destiny has been about shoring up alliances. 

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Thus far, we’ve seen factions of the Eliksni and the Cabal, as well as the Awoken, join arms with the Vanguard in resistance against Destiny’s big bad. As of yet though, there are a couple of holdouts on the alliance front from other alien races. The Vex are a total self-serving artificial time species set on wiping out all life in the galaxy. I wouldn’t hold your breath there. The Taken is also a subjugated force that doesn’t have free will and serves Xivu Arath. The Scorn have also thrown their lot in with The Witness, also being more of a hive mind. 

However, there are legitimate questions about if an alliance with The Hive could be possible. As of late, the Hive has not had the best time. They’ve recently discovered their religious doctrine, the Sword Logic, was a lie to be manipulated by The Witness. Also, Xivu Arath, the leader of the bloodthirsty aliens, has seen several losses. 

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However, the happenings in Season of the Deep’s conclusion have opened the door to some collaboration with Hive. According to Bungie though, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. 

Could Guardians and the Hive be allies?

Spoilers for Season of the Deep below!

The Season of the Deep concluded with Ahsa, a psychic space whale, revealing that in order to continue the pursuit of the Witness, Savathun would need to be resurrected. 


The Hive’s role in The Final Shape will be clearer in Season 22.

Savathun’s body has been in the possession of the Vanguard since the end of The Witch Queen. However, she hates the Witness, and was also gifted the Light by the Traveler willingly. So, perhaps there is common ground between us, the Witch Queen and her Light-wielding Lucent Brood. 


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Well, don’t hold your breath too much. In an interview with Dexerto in a roundtable, senior narrative designer Robert Brookes spoke about the chance. He said: “The Hive has still committed a lot of, you know,  genocide.” 

“It’s gonna be really hard to walk that back from anyone’s perspective. Even if that ever became a possibility, there’s a lot of ground to cover to make amends for that.”

“Even when you look at someone like Savathun, who has the Light and ostensibly should be our ally, it’s really hard to look past the billion years of bad that they’ve done.”

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It seems cooperation between the Hive and the Vanguard is going to be tough to broker. However, it does appear the the team at Bungie is thinking about that relationship. It will be fascinating to see how Savathun is implemented next season and how that uneven alliance shakes out.

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