Destiny 2 devs explain how next two seasons will lead into The Final Shape expansion



Destiny 2 devs explain how next two seasons will lead into The Final Shape expansion

Published: 2023-07-03T13:00:00  ❘   Updated: 2023-07-03T12:32:36Bungie

Bungie’s story team has said that Season 22 and Season 23 will lead directly into The Final Shape’s story. 

While Destiny 2 Lightfall‘s story was criticized, Season of the Deep housed key revelations about where players are headed. Lightfall wobbled, but we now have a much better idea of what The Veil is, who the Witness is, and have key clues as to the nature of The Final Shape expansion. 

However, with two seasons between now and then, there’s a lot of story to set up. Especially in terms of how we get to where we are now, to entering the Traveller and finding Cayde-6 again. 

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In a recent roundtable interview with Dexerto, the team behind Destiny 2’s story spoke about using the seasonal structure to fill out Lightfall’s story. Senior Narrative Designer Robert Brookes spoke, explaining that this year’s seasons are much more intentionally linked than in previously. He said: “The interconnection between annual releases and seasons is kind of a chain link. This year’s is different in that, normally, we ramp up to an expansion and then we start new stuff with the seasons that come after it.”

Brookes went on to talk about the structure of the Destiny 2 seasons more intently. He describes the first two seasons of the year as being about post-Lightfall. Now, the two upcoming seasons are about pre-The Final Shape. He said: “With this one, Defiance and Deep are kind of like the fallout from Lightfall. There’s a lot of, narrative threads that were like left in very intentionally unresolved to dig into and expand upon and feel the impact of. Then from 22 and 23 onwards, it’s the ramp-up and leads in the dive into The Final Shape.”

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Season of the Deep Spoilers ahead!

Season of the Deep has left Guardians in a very interesting position moving forward. For those that have finished the season, you know that the return of the Witch Queen Savathun is imminent.


Savathun was tricked by her Worm

This very much sets us up to go into The Final Shape as Savathun will undoubtedly have a key role going forward. She was instrumental in stopping the first Collapse when the Witness arrived on Earth. It seems very likely she’ll have a key understanding of the Final Shape, how to gain access to the Traveler, and the nature of what lies ahead for the Guardians. 


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We also should know more about The Final Shape when Season 22 launches, as it will immediately follow the upcoming Bungie Showcase on August 22. During that presentation, we should learn a lot about the next expansion. Hopefully, it can build excitement as Destiny enters the end of its decade-long saga.  

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