Blue Protocol character creation: How to download Benchmark Test & create your character



Blue Protocol character creation: How to download Benchmark Test & create your character

Published: 2023-03-03T15:37:57  ❘   Updated: 2023-03-03T15:38:07Bandai Namco

Blue Protocol is an upcoming MMORPG from Bandai Namco that features vibrant anime visuals, and fans can experiment with the game’s character creator right now. Here’s exactly how to access the character creator.

Blue Protocol has been on a lot of radars since it was announced at The Game Awards and its stunning anime art style has drawn a lot of comparisons to Genshin Impact. What sets the game apart, though, is its emphasis on character customization.

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Developers Bandai Namco recently released a Benchmark Test for the game which includes the character creator that’s available for fans worldwide to download and try on PC.

So if you want to work out your Blue Protocol characters look before the game launches later this year, here’s how you can access the game’s character creator.

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How to access Blue Protocol’s character creator

Bandai Namco

There are a lot of customization options available in Blue Protocol’s character creator.

The Blue Protocol character creator is currently available for fans on PC to access via the official Benchmark Test. To access the tool and start creating your hero, simply follow the steps below:

Head to the official download page for the Benchmark Test Download and install the test onto your PCRun the Benchmark Test and once inside the program, you’ll be granted access to the character creator (it’s worth noting that the test language is in Japanese and can’t be changed so we suggest using Google translate to navigate the buttons if needed).

After you’ve created your character, you can use the character viewer to test emotes, change your outfit and edit the lighting conditions. If you create more than one character, there’s also a party viewer option that will display all your characters in a series of pre-rendered in-game scenarios.


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While the Benchmark Test doesn’t include any real gameplay elements, getting to create a character and see what they’ll look like in the game gives players a taste of what to look forward to when Blue Protocol launches later this year.

So there you have it, that’s exactly how you can access the Blue Protocol character creator!

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Make sure to keep an eye on our hub for the game for all the latest news and information.

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